Our Value Statement to Sellers

Measuring the Value of Your Real Estate Professional

You hire a professional because that individual provides measurable value to you.  Have you received a Value Statement from other agents you’ve talked to?  Here are some of the many ways I can provide value to you when you hire me to properly list and sell your home, protect you from contractual and disclosure mistakes, and get you to closing.

  • In pre-listing preparation I perform detailed research, use inspection strategy, and help you stage the home, investing more work before the home is listed than most agents invest after putting their sign in the yard.


  • I accurately assess the financials to get the numbers right so there are no surprises. It may surprise you to know that many agents don’t pay attention to the dollars and cents of a transaction.


  • I provide comprehensive exposure to the market. No matter what type of market we are in, a Seller’s or Buyer’s market, I use all the tools in my arsenal to find the best buyer for your home, in the shortest amount of time, so that you retain maximum bargaining power.  I do this because each extra day on the market erodes your bargaining power and ultimately your profit.


  • I provide professional counsel on Buyer offers in order to reach the best possible outcome in a world of uncertainty. Counter Offer 1 is arguably the most important document your listing agent will craft on your behalf.  If they get it wrong, it will increase stress and uncertainty, or at worst it will cost you money and kill the deal.  I limit risk through constructive dialogue with the cooperating broker.


  • I help you navigate the inspection process, which starts before your home is put on the market. Competent estimates from professional contractors, and selective solutions for prospective buyers will help eliminate uncertainty.  This means less stress, quicker resolution, and ultimately more money.


  • I study the market daily, and I am coached by some of the best professionals in the industry—so I can confidently help you achieve the best financial results from the sale of your home.

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