The 3 Pricing Strategies

There are 3 pricing strategies to consider when listing your home:


  • Price it at the top of the market, looking for that one Buyer that is willing to pay more for the home, location, and amenities.  This can work well, as long as the house can still appraise out, but it can take some time to get that perfect offer.


  • Price it right around market value, looking to gather multiple offers and create a “bidding” situation.  This strategy can lead to one or more timely and viable offers, and it can even create a situation where Buyers compete to purchase the home.  This can work well, and can also get the house under contract quickly in many cases.


  • Price it below market value, looking for a flood of offers to get the house under contract in the fastest time frame possible.  This strategy can work well if you are under pressure to sell quickly, and time is of the highest importance.