The Key to Selling Your Home

Attracting the Right Qualified Buyers

When you list your house, it must attract the attention of qualified buyers eager to get into a property like yours. Otherwise, your house may take longer to sell and you may not get the price you expected.

As an expert in the local market, I can get the word out about your listing to all the right people. I know how to attract serious buyers, so that a good offer comes in quickly.

To achieve that success, I’ll implement the appropriate marketing plan. There’s more to selling a house than hammering a “For Sale” sign in the front lawn—although some agents out there would be happy to do just that. I’ll work closely with you to create a marketing plan which may include some or all of the following:

  • Professional photography
  • Detailed specs on your property
  • Professionally written, compelling property profile and listing description
  • MLS Listing (the Multiple Listing Service that real estate agents and buyers use to search for properties)
  • Placing advertisements in print or on-line publications buyers use to shop for houses
  • Showcasing your listing on my popular website—one of the best resources available online
  • Leveraging the internet and social media to promote your listing
  • Scheduling and promoting video and virtual tours, and/or open house events to showcase the home

In addition, I meet with buyers regularly. In fact, the moment your house is listed I get in touch with everyone I know who is looking for a property like yours, and encourage them to schedule a viewing. I also tap into my network of other real estate agents so their clients know about your property.

My job is to get the right buyers to see your house, fall in love with it, and make a good offer.

Want to learn more about how I’ll aggressively promote and market your house? Please submit the form below or call, text, or email me for a no-obligation personal consultation.

The sooner we start, the sooner your house will be sold on the best terms and for the best price!

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